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In addition to the ball, these are also wonderful

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Posted on: 06/14/18
Today, the 2018 Russia World Cup officially opened. The four-year World Cup is not only a big event for fans, but also a combination of technology, fashion and other aspects. Even if you do not understand football, the black technology and fashion paradigm in these contests is enough to become a daily topic for everyone.
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NFC "embedded" football

In this World Cup, the NFC chip was embedded for the first time in the soccer game. It is understood that the game ball named "Telstar18" has a Russian World Cup LOGO printed on its exterior and is accompanied by a gradient mosaic pattern. The most important thing is that it has an NFC chip built in it and can carry out data transmission with smart phones. Each ball uses a unique identifier that allows users to unlock their own data. The earlier sports brand NIKE also conducted a similar attempt on the launch of NBA jerseys, using smart phones to contact the NFC chip's tags to obtain team and player data.

VR 360-degree watching game

During the World Cup, players who own VR devices can watch VR live or recorded events. Users only need to download a BBC Sport VR application and experience the "immersive" game experience with Gear VR, Oculus GO Air Max 270 Femme and PlayStation VR devices. In addition to live broadcasts, there are recorded competitions and the selection of specific viewing locations, as if you were allowed to watch live games in Russia. And this part of the World Cup is to provide 4K, HDR broadcast, provided that your home TV equipment is to support 4K.

Luxury brand custom trophy special box

Luxury brand LV (Louis Vuitton) had previously produced a special storage box for the World Cup Trophy. This box is made of titanium alloy adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Pas Cher laser engraving and printed with LV. In addition, LV and Adidas collaborated on a ball collection box for the game. This limited-edition box contains 13 specially-crafted replicas of the World Cup ball used in previous years, as well as a leather football featuring the luxury brand.


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