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The World Cup in Russia is on the verge of fire

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Posted on: 06/14/18
China News Service, Moscow, June 13 (Reporter Wang Muqing) On the afternoon of the 13th, local time, at the press conference before the opening match of the 2018 World Cup, the host Russian coach Cherchesov expressed his confidence: "Tomorrow night, when The Ruzhniki stadium in Moscow opened the whistle and the entire Russia will be proud of us.
On June 13, local time, the reporter entered the interior of the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. In 2018, the opening game of the Russian World Nike Vapor Street Flyknit Pas Cher Cup will start here. The picture shows the Russian team training in the field. China News Agency reporter Tomita photo
On the evening of the 14th, the Russian men's soccer team will face the Saudi team from Asia in the first match of the local World Cup. The 90-year-old Football World Cup has finally arrived in the vast land of Russia. The week before the start of the game, Moscow's streets have already posted large-scale World Cup posters. This summer, Russia is ready to become the center of world football.

But is the Russian men's football ready? In the eyes of the outside world, the poor Russian team may even be the worst performing host in history. One of the reasons is that Chelchesov led the team to win seven consecutive matches in the warm-up match before the World Cup. If it is excusable to lose to Brazil and Argentina and after they are clinched by Iran and Turkey, they inevitably start to worry.

“Isn't the media critics? I never read or read. I criticized us as the work of the media. My job is to lead the team to the World Cup. How do you view the negative voice? I see it as the driving force for progress.” Cherchesov Say it firmly.

At the press conference up to half an hour before the game, the word "good luck" was mentioned several times. Cherchesov smiled and thanked him. He also unconsciously revealed tension: "I am also an ordinary person. It has never been easy to find a way to success for Russian football."

The Soviet team once stopped at the quarter-finals of the World Cup three times and won the fourth in 1966 as the best in history. However, since 1990, Russia has lost ground in the group stage four times and the other three have failed to qualify in the qualifying round.
The Russian football team warms up at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and prepares for the opening game of the World Cup. China Air Max 97 Kappa News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun
Turning to the 23-man roster of the World Cup in Russia, only one player came from the five European leagues. Objectively speaking, this lineup lacks star flavor. Even if the group match opponents are Uruguay among the seed teams, Egypt from Africa and Saudi Arabia from Asia, the optimism about the host is still very cautious.

Cherceov is also very cautious: "We began to analyze our opponents from the first day of the group's disclosure to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Saudi team. I never said that the opponents of the group stage are weak."

In the "fog," 29-year-old attacker Juba said in front of the media two days before the match: "Russia is not a hot spot for the World Cup. Our goal is only the group's qualifying." Although the expectations are not high, Juba's words are still the same. Cold water in the basin set off waves in the Russian local media.

The team veteran Semedov endorsed Juba: "He is right. It is positive for us. We must find a positive part and strive to create a good team environment."

Coach Chelceşov also tried to “siege” for Juba: “I’m pretty sure that the Russian team is not affected by the outside world. Not everyone has to sleep at 22 o’clock but we know very well that it will be at the World Cup tomorrow. Realize a rebound."

In short, all the suspense will be Air Max 95 Off White revealed in less than 24 hours - in the end the host successfully harvested the first 3 points, or continue to win seven games. Cherchesov acknowledged the importance of the opener: This will be a game that will be "tuned" for the World Cup.

"When the opening whistle blows at the Luzhniki Stadium, it will be an important and great moment. I assure you that the entire country will be proud of us. The Russian team will fight for victory, but no one can succeed with their mouth. Russia The football will prove itself in action." Cherchesov's conclusion is full of peace.


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