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This year's World Cup economy is a bit different

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Posted on: 06/14/18
The 2018 Russia World Cup kicked off today, which means that this summer, it is destined to become the fans' carnival season. Beer, national Nike Air Presto Pas Cher flags, shoes, jerseys, socks and so on... The consumption related to the World Cup has also been warming up, and all the merchants have come up with unique tricks to share the “World Cup economic cake”.

The sales of the flag broke through the 90 million mark Yiwu made the world floating

In the sales volume (30 days) ranking of Yiwu purchase official website, the 2018 Russia World Cup string flag of 14×21cm and the flag (flag of the 8th national flag of the world are selling well) rank first in sales volume of 70.999 million yuan and 19.92 million yuan respectively. second.

Both products are from Yiwu Tiangong Banner Factory. He Bin, general manager of Yiwu Tiangong Banner Factory, told reporters that starting from the end of last year, orders for the top 32 flags of Brazil and other world cups have come one after another and they have been busy until the beginning of June of this year. The cumulative sales of actual products are even higher than the data display. many.

"Especially in recent months, not only the total number of orders has been large, but the number of single orders has been very large. Even the high prices have been out of stock in the market." He Bin said that every four years of the World Cup for them Bringing hot business opportunities, unlike in previous years, this year's World Cup is not only driven by “foreign fever” but also has driven up the domestic market, which has led to an increase in the proportion of domestic sales orders this year. Many buyers have even found stores directly. Come to place an order.

Graffiti art into the World Cup Air Force 1 Pas Cher theme tide socks favored

Putting on jerseys and socks to watch the World Cup has become a lot of fans watching the game with "little beggars." Many fans regard it as a way to pay tribute and expression to their idols.

To this end, the era of special invitation to South Korea graffiti artist Artime joe launched a very creative World Cup theme master joint socks and ice sleeves. Tian Daoguang, chairman of the Grand era, said that the theme of the World Cup theme joint product is mainly based on football culture, drawing on the characteristics of large-scale socks, and incorporates the graffiti fashion techniques that the artist is good at, a whole showing a strong sports fashion Atmosphere.

"I hope to discover the world with street culture and create a better life with the arts. In order to welcome the 2018 World Cup, this inspiration comes from Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Britain, Portugal, Belgium and Argentina. Strong country's team nickname," said Artime joe, for example, the Spanish version uses red, bull and other elements, while the Argentine version uses blue and white elements. He hopes to present a unique artistic world through unique cross-border deductions. .

“The socks are divided into two series, one is cool and colorful, and the other is pure and colorful. This series was originally prepared to give back to our old users. As long as you purchase two of our products, we will Send this sock.” Tian Tianguang did not expect that many customers specifically for the World Cup theme socks to buy products, and now the product has been in short supply.

Wangdu Hotels: launch the World Cup theme event

Most of the time in the World Cup this year is at night, watching the ball at home will inevitably affect the rest of the family, and the majority of fans may wish to go to the hotel to watch the World Cup. According Nike Craft Mars Yard Pas Cher  to report, during the World Cup, major hotels in Yiwu have launched World Cup special events. Wangdu Hotel launched the World Cup Carnival Season series, which will set off a month-long summer heat wave.

The person in charge of Wangdu Hotel told the reporter that Wangdu Hotel had already been preparing for the World Cup theme related activities a week ago. The atmosphere of the World Cup in the hotel is strong, with the World Cup viewing area, the large LED screen live live World Cup events, and the World Cup elements are filled with the viewing area, especially the posters representing the flags and balls of the participating teams and the international stars are particularly eye-catching. Exclusive wine packages and food, allowing fans to enjoy the food and wine while watching the ball. The lively football baby will inject fresh energy into the hotel's World Cup night with passionate performances. In addition, customers who enter the store can also participate in each game quiz.


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