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World Cup, see these stars

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Posted on: 06/14/18
The 2018 World Cup in Russia will be opened at the Luzhini Stadium in Moscow.
The 2018 World Cup in Russia will open in Moscow. The opening match will be between host Russia and Saudi Arabia. From June 14 to July 15, 32 teams will compete for 64 Cups for the Titan Cup. So, in which football fans from all over the world should be appreciated? Stars, teams, focus games and even Chinese elements can all be worth your attention in this World Cup.

World Cup, see these stars

How can this World Cup this time be a football feast? In Russia this summer, many world-class players who usually do their best in the Nike Air Presto Pas Cher club will make their debut. When it comes to players, Ronaldo and Messi will bear the brunt. As the best in the world today, the "predominant double arrogance" has won numerous European teams. As the core of two teams in Argentina and Portugal, they will lead their teams to attack the World Cup.

For players like Melo at this level, the Camus World Cup is an important addition to their historical position. Whoever succeeds will take the initiative. As fans, their game must not be missed. Behind them is Samba leader Neymar who is considered by many fans to be the "third man in football". Compared to Argentina and Portugal, the Brazilian team's lineup is even better. If he can win the Titan Cup, Neymar's football status will be greatly enhanced, and is likely to surpass Melo's position in the future.

It is worth noting that the superstars that have already become famous have just seen the emerging stars. Mbappe, Dembele, Milinovich, Assencio, Jesus, Coutinho... These new talents, who may become the mainstays of the world Air Max 98 Pas Cher football in the next decade, are full of honour. The newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger. The World Cup is where the superstars are born, and it is these young people who are in the best stage.

In addition to these players who are likely to shine, a group of veterans may also usher in their World Cup farewell performance. 34-year-old Argentine defence core Mascherano, 33-year-old "Magic Flute" Modric, 34-year-old "Little White" Iniesta, 33-year-old Samba Zhongya Tiago - Silvadu It may not be possible to appear in Qatar four years later. If you are just starting to understand the world of football, then I suggest you appreciate the performance of these veterans.

World Cup, see these teams

Every time in the World Cup, there are a number of champions who win the championship. They also have many supporters. Of the 32 teams that participated in this World Cup, there were 6 World Cup champions, namely Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and France. From the perspective of strength, these teams have no small possibility of winning the World Cup. In addition, Belgium, England, Portugal and other teams are also in the championship ranks.

The defending champion Germany is still one of the favorites.
Of course, there is no shortage of spoilers in the World Cup. From Turkey's quarter-final Turkey in 2002 to Ukraine's quarter-finals in 2006, to Ghana’s brilliant appearance on the continent for 10 years, and to Costa Rica’s nearly 4 years ago... these dark polo None of the teams left a deep impression on the fans in the World Cup. Which team will shock the world this summer? South American dancers from Air VaporMax Plus Pas Cher Colombia, the Iron Legion of Peru, Nordic Railways from Iceland, and even the host Russia may all become potential dark horses.

This summer in Russia, Iran, South Korea, Japan, and Australia, which played in Brazil on behalf of Asia four years ago, will still be on stage, but the difference is that Saudi Arabia has succeeded in breaking through this time. In terms of grouping, Saudi and host countries Russia, Uruguay, and Egypt are in a group with difficulty in qualifying. South Korea is in the same group with Germany, Sweden, and Mexico. It also hopes to be embarrassed; Iran needs to cope with Iberian duo's encirclement and it is incompetent. . Although the group signings were relatively good, Japan’s performance in the warm-up match was disappointing for the fans. Can Australia create surprises with Australia, France, Denmark, and Peru? Wait and see.

World Cup, see these games

Since the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, Chinese fans have been exhausted in watching the game. Various early-night kick-off matches have made the fans miserable. However, the kick-off time of this World Cup is a boon for Chinese fans. Because the time difference between the two countries is five hours, there is no match for kick-off at 3 am. In addition, the organizers considered Asian fans to have group matches at 18:00 and 20:00 pm Beijing time, which is good news for fans in China and even Asia.

The opener will be held at 23:00 on June 14th, Beijing time. The picture shows Luzhini Stadium. China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun
What games are not to be missed while watching the game without the hardships of the past? As a very important match for the World Cup, both the opener and the finals are scheduled to open at 11 pm Beijing time. Such kick-off time is very friendly to Chinese fans, so don't miss them.

As the first game of all the tournaments in this World Cup, the match between France and Australia will be kicked off at 18:00 on June 16th, Beijing time. You can just go home from work and enjoy a wonderful one. game. The popular team Argentina and Iceland will be played at 21:00 on June 16th, Beijing time, which will also be Messi's debut of the Russian World Cup. In addition, the defending champion Germany's first match will also be played 26 hours after the game.

The debut of many popular teams all kick-off before 24 o'clock in Beijing time. This also means that on certain match days, Chinese fans can fully watch the ball while maintaining their normal schedule. Based on this, occasionally choosing a few games that you like to enjoy in the early morning games of the team will be watched day and night, which will undoubtedly greatly reduce the lassitude caused by day and night watching and will help you to work and learn better during the day.

At the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, the mascot outside the stadium has not yet been unveiled. China News Agency reporter Tomita photo
World Cup, see these Chinese elements

Although the national football failed to enter the World Cup, but in the summer of Russia, there will be as many as nine people in the Super League, which also created the history of the Super League. Nine players are Augusto (Brazil), Kim Young-kwon (Korea), Tosic (Serbia), Mascherano (Argentina), Witsel, Carrasco (Belgium), Miquel, and Iraq. Harlow (Nigeria), Wundt (Portugal) ... The national team of these players has no shortage of giants. If they can win the World Cup with the team, it will become a story.

In addition to Super League players, another Air Max 97 Pas Cher unexpected Chinese element will also appear in Russia. According to reports, currently 100,000 crayfish from China have already boarded the train to replace the national football team to "arrest" the World Cup. After these crayfish arrive in Russia, Moscow importers will send crayfish to local restaurants and bars through offline channels. In order to allow fans from all countries to enjoy this food from China.

In each World Cup, FIFA will select outstanding football players from around the world to serve as World Cup champions. In Russia this summer, six teenagers from Danzhai County, Guizhou Province, will walk out of the country and, at the opening game of the World Cup in Russia on June 14, serve as a flag guard to escort the FIFA flag to Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. Although the National Football Team failed to fulfill its dreams, these children can stand on the World Cup stadium and show the world the charm of Chinese teenagers.


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